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East vs. West, like many of its predecessors in the Hearts of Iron series, would have allowed for the player to take control of and manage a country including its political, diplomatic, espionage, economic, military, and technological aspects. In contrast to previous instalments in the Hearts of Iron series, the game was to be set in the Cold War Era, and not focus mainly on large-scale warfare. The use of nuclear weapons in game would have been possible, but limited by a nation's state of emergency.





























The main focus of the game were the diplomatic, political, economic, military and espionage aspects of countries during the Cold War period and the decisions the player make in regards to them.Confirmed features included:


  • New espionage system utilizing "spy cards"

  • An extended political module.

  • A Doomsday Clock indicating how close the in game world is to total destruction.

  • The presence of the United Nations to intervene in global events.

  • The ability to customize ships.

  • Nuclear arms race and warfare is expanded by a nuclear mapmode, uranium as a resource, factories (centrifuges) to produce enriched fission material, ICBMs that can be launched from silos, nuclear submarines and a red button.


The game was scheduled to retain many features included in Hearts of Iron III, such as control over the armed forces, the strategic warfare system, user mods-friendliness, and a multiplayer system with up to 32 players.



No release date was scheduled for EvsW after the initial Q1 2013 release date was missed, though following a decision to cut major features including multiplayer functionality from the game, Paradox hoped to offer a pay-what-you-want public beta in March 2014.The cancellation of EvsW was announced in a joint statement on 6 March 2014 by BL Logic and Paradox Interactive citing multiple delays in the project


Project Revival

Since June 2014 the project has been revived by the modding community after the official beta was leaked online. Please head over to the project's ModDB site ( to learn more. The goal of East v West News is to aggregate all the latest news, dev diaries and future plans as well as new screenshots, ideas and let's plays. 

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